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beauty slap seminar

A "TED Talk style" presentation in which the band explains our creative and entrepreneurial approaches at a high level.  This seminar includes contributions from all members as well as a short performance.

music tech WORKSHOP

Led by DJ/Producer Jake Berntsen, this workshop explores the technology that makes Beauty Slap sound like it does.  From mixing sounds on stage to working with brass in the studio; this is how it works.

ensemble coachings

From the Indy 500 to Heinz Hall, Beauty Slap has played on a variety of stages.  This is a chance for us to bring that experience to students in a rehearsal setting, with hands on support provided by our brass section.

Entrepreneurial approaches

Turning a band into a business has a lot to do with the work that happens off stage.  This is where we explain our entrepreneurial strategy, touching on everything from merch sales to Facebook advertising campaigns.



While each member of Beauty Slap boasts a high level of control over his instrument, what ultimately transforms the project from a band into a self sustaining company is the work that happens off stage.  Our entrepreneurial strategy actively prioritizes collaborations that touch on multiple disciplines, like incorporating new technologies in the studio and using the internet to propel our brand.  We work offer students concrete strategies for developing creative projects into careers.  

This is what works for us, so in the classroom we focus on concrete ways to take an interdisciplinary approach to a career in the arts.


At your school we will explain the creative ins and outs of our collaboration between new school EDM and old school brass, but also why we sculpted the product that we did and how we approach selling it. 

Music Technology Workshop

Steamboat Springs, CO


what are people saying?

"I had the pleasure of hosting the musical quintet Beauty Slap here on campus at Stanislaus State, for a 2-day residency and concert performance.


During that time, the truly outstanding musicians in the group presented workshops and master classes for our music students, as well as a stellar show at the end of the second day...As an ensemble, they are discovering and exploring fairly uncharted creative and cultural territory, and so face the artistic challenges that may be expected, but also are enthusiastically facing the practical, material challenges of making something genuinely distinct and kind of new: how to find and/or create an audience, and a livelihood.


This is a facet of our field that my students are keenly curious about: how to use new, amazing musical tools in a meaningful way, but also how to make a living as an artist using these skill sets. The musicians of Beauty Slap offer a valuable, working model of musical entrepreneurialism—both creative and practical."


-Dr. Stuart Sims, Professor of Music & Coordinator of Instrumental Studies California State University, Stanislaus 

who have we worked with?

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