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​Thunderously funky screams of brass meet the mischievously playful grooves of modern dance music. Beauty Slap uses horns, keys, and electronics to deliver their self-described genre, future-brass-thunder-funk direct to audience’s brains. The result is an irresistible urge to dance.


From performing as featured soloists in front of the Pittsburgh Symphony orchestra to providing race day music on the track of the Indy 500, Beauty Slap’s infectiously fun live show is optimized for dissemination of good vibes on a global scale. 



Beauty Slap performed original material in front of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as a featured guest ensemble during their FUZE series.

INDY 500

Beauty Slap performed at the Indy 500 and provided music for the awards ceremony after the race.


Beauty Slap has enjoyed teaching residencies in Steamboat Springs CO, San Francisco State University, the University of South Carolina, and more.

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